MERAKK: In Pursuit Of Overall Wellness

MERAKK: In Pursuit Of Overall Wellness

The world today, especially in this dynamic routine, is in dire need of self-love and self-care. We are so busy loving and pleasing others in any way possible, but in a series of loving others and learning their Putchik’s wheel of emotions, we forget to love our most-precious inner selves. When our inner selves are positive and happy, we try to well-round our outer selves. 

After all, life is all about the apt integration of mind, body, and soul.

Eventually, this led to the birth of “MERAKK” which significantly addresses people’s overall wellness as an issue of holistic healthcare. “MERAKK” looks inward through your healthy self-care routines while balancing your physical and mental wellness. 

Keep reading to learn the purpose-driven aspects of the overall well-being of your mind, body, and soul by Dr. Rupam Khanna. 

Evolution Of Wellness

Ancient wellness dates back to 3,000-1500 BC as Ayurveda which originated as an oral tradition. Ayurvedic regimens are always tailored to each patient’s nutritional, exercise, social, and hygiene needs. It helps them maintain a balance that prevents illness. Resultantly, yoga and meditation also took their positions.

Moving further on, 1650 marks the first use of the word “wellness”, which means the opposite of illness. Since then, this term has been integrated with homeopathy, herbalism, exercise, nutrition, spiritual healing, a healthy diet, holistic and elevated oral care, and much more.

MERAKK wants to carry on the legacy of wellness in terms of healthy living, self-love, and integrated oral medicinal products. It’s the ultimate resolution to find joy in simplicity, harmony, and resonance.

Blending Ancient And Modern Wellness Practices

Wellness has become a very popular term; it is a trending topic since 2020 as people are now mindful of what they do. Besides, the desire for a more well-rounded life continues to grow, and so do the ideas about achieving that balance.

If we compare ancient practices with modern wellness practices, they are quite diverse. Wellness ultimately meant a lack of sickness by then. But today, it is not only confined to “eat your veggies or brush regularly”. Rather it has extended to add-on like mindfulness, self-care, holistic oral care, etc. And MERAKK works on top of that. Its prime purpose is to elevate one’s overall well-being and help them prioritize self-care and engage in self-love.

If we talk about holistic and elevated oral care, it is not a new trend. It has quite been an active living practice, and people today are just catching on to it. Today, being in a dynamic way of living, people urge to have a well-rounded life.

And MERAKK is onto a mission to blend both lifestyles to attain a simple yet luxurious, healthy yet organic, and integrated standard of living. 

Holistic Oral Care

Research proves that negligence in basic oral care gradually leads to life-threatening diseases. Bacterias like “P. gingivalis”(which is present in our gums) can endanger our kidneys, lungs, and even our brains. And there are so many. 

Moreover, all parts of our bodies are connected and can affect other positive and negative areas. Therefore, to maintain long-term health, it is simply worth the time and effort to switch to MERRAK’S elevated oral care as soon as possible. 

Active Integration Of Mind, Body & Soul

Mind-body-soul relates to a holistic medicine approach. It focuses on the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of oneself. There is no separation between mind, body, and soul when someone is in a state of pure wellness. It also implies that all elements of the self are in harmonious balance.


Your mental health relies on your thought process and personal perspectives. To achieve a healthy mind-body-soul integration, check in with yourself each day to ensure you are thinking positively about your body, life, and soul.


It refers to physical well-being. It is the ability to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle. To ensure healthy physical well-being, it is essential to ensure you provide the best nutrition and elevated oral care to your body.


It refers to spiritual well-being. And when it comes to spiritual well-being, it is essential to ensure your relationship with your inner self and others. It’s also about your purpose of living and ultimate life goals.

Wrapping Up!

MERAKK is focused on introducing small but considerable healthcare routines into your lives. These small daily comforts can add to a great sense of happiness and fulfillment. We value balancing physical health, mind wellness, and life vitality to harmonize the internal self with the external world.

If you are unfamiliar with ancient wellness practices with a modern approach, don’t sweat it too much. The idea of “wellness” have fused into one cohesive concept by Dr.Rupam Khanna. 

Stay connected for more information and healthy oral care practices, such as breath spray and oil pulling for teeth.  

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