A Meaningful Impact

Merakk is a purpose-driven organization that uses health and wellness practices to promote personal development and community engagement. By joining the Merakk community you are not only prioritizing self-care and engaging in self-love, but also helping a noteworthy cause and adding vitality to your life. A portion of Merakk’s proceeds will be donated to UCSF Pediatric Pain, Palliative & Integrative Medicine Center which is dedicated to relieving pain and improving quality of life for our youngest hospitalized patients.

Featured Collection

Merakk is a line of luxury professional oral care products that are created with holistic and sustainable ingredients by taking a modern approach to ancient rituals.

The science behind each solution begins with nature, so it can be easily integrated into one’s daily routine to offer a truly holistic approach to oral health.


Merakk products were born out of an intention to create an integrated approach to oral health and wellness through high-quality, natural ingredients. Growing up in the East and settling in California inspired me to create Merakk products, as a reflection of my love for integrative medicine and holistic approaches to well-being. Rooted in ritual, these products are meant to be used daily so that you shine brighter through day to day life and embark on the journey to be your best self—“Be golden”!



I have been using your oil pulling for a few weeks now and have already noticed less bleeding of my gums. I'm amazed how easily it became part of my dailv routine.


I have really sensitive teeth and acid reflux especially when I wake up, so I'm always cautious when trying new oral care products. But I'm so glad I gave Merakk a shot! The oil
pulling is gentle enough for my sensitive teeth and refreshes my breath. Many thanks!

Linda George

Merakk was a supreme blessing and an instant cure for my bad breath problem. Not only
did your breath spray fix bad breath, but its all-natural ingredients convinced me it’s safe to
use. Love the touch of Jasmine that feels so luxurious.


I'm always on the go and meeting with clients, so I need an oral care routine that's quick and easy. The Merakk mint breath spray is perfect for me - it's fast and effective, and it doesn't leave any weird aftertaste.


I'm really impressed with Merakk’s oral care products especially Rose breath spray. I keep it in my car for a quick burst of flavor and refreshing breath. I'm in love with the luxury
packaging as well so have been giving them as gifts to all my friends and family.


I love having this with me at work so I always feel confident with clients. It feels good knowing the ingredients are healthy and the jasmine always gives me a sense of well being.

Sydney James

 "You deserve beautiful smile. I promise to help you get there."

-Dr. Rupam Khanna