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From a Successful Dentist to an Entrepreneur - Dr. Rupam Khanna Opens up about Her Global Self-Care Brand and Her Future Goals

To quote Steve Jobs, "the only way to do great work is to love what you do;" There are people in our world who work incredibly hard to fulfill their...

To quote Steve Jobs, "the only way to do great work is to love what you do;" There are people in our world who work incredibly hard to fulfill their goals and pursue their ideal careers. In addition they benefit society by developing something that will improve the quality of life of others while also working effectively. These workers enjoy doing what they love while fulfilling their professional responsibilities. Dr. Rupam Khanna is a successful dental physician, an Entrepreneur, a Philanthropist, and a mother residing in California. Growing up in the East inspired her to develop her brand as a tribute to her passion for integrative medicine and holistic well-being methods.

Dr. Rupam understands the importance of self-care as someone who has worked in the medical industry for a long time. She founded her brand, MERAKK, which offers a variety of self-care products, meant to be used daily so that you shine brightly every day and begin the journey to being your most fabulous self. Dr. Rupam is dedicated to her brand and works closely with the manufacturers, from research to development, to ensure that her products are high quality and effective. 

MERAKK is a community rather than just a business for her. Dr. Rupam Khanna wants to invite people to join this community to practice self-care while also becoming a part of a growing, purpose-driven movement that aims to improve themselves and the world around them. This community values the harmony of physical health and mental wellness to balance the internal self with the outside environment. Dr. Rupam wants to elevate people's lives through the MERAKK community, which is focused on bringing out the best version of everyone around them. Her self-care products are designed to be used daily and are made with natural, sustainable ingredients.

The vision of her brand is to incorporate a routine into the hectic schedules of her customers so that they care for themselves first before facing the world. MERAKK is a customer-driven business that strives to create a community of well-being and health. Dr. Rupam is eager to learn more about every member of her community, and in the same way that they inspire her, she hopes to inspire them. MERAKK community is where physical health, mental wellness, and life vitality are balanced to harmonize the internal self with the exterior world so you exert good influence wherever you go.


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