Dr. Rupam Khanna’s Passion for Integrative Medicine and Holistic Approaches to Well-Being led to the creation of  MERAKK

Dr. Rupam Khanna’s Passion for Integrative Medicine and Holistic Approaches to Well-Being led to the creation of MERAKK

In the realm of tradition, every culture has a wide variety to offer. These traditions may differ from one region to another, but their core principles remain the same. People accept these traditions because they believe they are beneficial to society as a whole and to themselves personally. And no matter how bizarre or unusual we might find some of these traditions, they always have some grain of truth at their core.

 As a reflection of her love for the very same traditions she grew up with, Dr. Rupam Khanna has created MERAKK, a dental-care products company that she owns and operates. She has over two decades of experience in dentistry and has been inspired by the ancient rituals from the Eastern part of the world to create her line of products. Dr. Khanna creates modern versions of these rituals that combine with her dental expertise to offer the best possible care for her clients. She works closely with the manufacturer in order to research and develop all products.

Every ingredient used in the oral care products created by Merakk is holistic and sustainable. Moreover, every method to prepare the products has been proven to improve oral health for generations. These products are intended to be used on a daily basis to ensure that her clients' personalities, as well as their teeth, shine brightly throughout the day. It would result in them having a happy attitude and an overall boost in their self-esteem.

Dr. Khanna believes that a strong dental health regimen is the foundation of overall well-being. Good oral health can improve mental faculties, boost self-esteem and confidence, and lead to a good life.

Integrative medicine takes into account a person's lifestyle and habits, with the goal of improving physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Merakk aims to elevate one’s complete health through the active integration of the mind, body, and soul. It helps to balance not only the physical wellness of an individual but also focuses on the wellness of the mind. All of this in turn leads to harmonization between the internal self and the external world. Dr. Khanna has changed how people perceive hygiene with MERAKK, which is growing in popularity; we have no doubt that she will accomplish much more in the future.

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