Dr. Rupam Khanna’s Journey from a Practicing Dental Physician to an Entrepreneur and Her Passion for Integrative Medicine and Holistic Approaches to Well-Being

Dr. Rupam Khanna’s Journey from a Practicing Dental Physician to an Entrepreneur and Her Passion for Integrative Medicine and Holistic Approaches to Well-Being

There are two categories of people in this world – those who dream big but don't put up the effort to pursue them. The second consists of those with big dreams and aspirations who put in long hours of effort every day and night to make those a reality. No dream is too great for them to accomplish because they know that no matter what, hard work and good intentions will always produce positive outcomes. They are steadfast in their pursuit of success and won't give up their goals. Dr.Rupam Khanna is on a mission to make people realize the power of self-care through her brand Merakk and online community 180 Elevate.

Dr.Rupam Khanna is a practicing dental physician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. As a dentist, she has over 21 years of experience and various achievements to her good name. Besides being a faculty member at UCSF Children's Hospital, Dr. Rupam is also an honorary host for the integrative health department. Since she has a solid academic and orthodontic background, her aim is to practice in a patient-focused, customer-sensitive, and quality-driven practice.

Dr. Rupam has had a highly successful career, which includes numerous achievements. She is highly regarded for her ability to communicate effectively with patients, who have shown a high level of acceptance for her treatment procedures. Dr. Rupam also volunteers time to mentor high school students who are interested in the dental industry, and she has participated in one-day diagnosis and emergency volunteer treatment camps. In addition, she is a proud mother and wife who resides in the San Francisco Bay area.

Dr. Rupam has been working in the medical field for many years and is aware of how important it is to take care of oneself, which led her to create her brand MERAKK. Growing up in the East and now residing in California inspired her to develop her brand as a tribute to her passion for integrative medicine and holistic well-being methods. MERAKK is a line of professional self-care offering integrated organic products meant to be used daily so that you shine brighter every day. Dr. Rupam devotes herself to her brand, which she closely works with its manufacturers to ensure that the final product is perfect; her brand is more than just self-care products, it is a movement based on integrity and vitality where people can become their best possible version and inspire those around them.

Dr. Rupam Khanna believes that prioritizing health and wellness is a significant step toward self-care. Her nonprofit organization, 180 Elevate, provides a path to elevate your mind, body, and soul by connecting you with insights from different leaders in order to grow and give back to others. To have the perfect balance between your physical, mental, and spiritual selves—you increase your vitality of life. That is what Dr. Rupam aims for through her brand MERAKK and her community 180 Elevate by providing people with resources and carefully developed products so they can incorporate them into their daily routines and live healthy lives.

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