Dr. Rupam Khanna, MERAKK's founder and CEO, shares the principles that underlie the company's success.

Dr. Rupam Khanna, MERAKK's founder and CEO, shares the principles that underlie the company's success.

Dr. Rupam Khanna, a dentist, entrepreneur and philanthropist, launched MERAKK to encourage people to practice self-care in order to change their lives for the better.

MERAKK is more than just an oral healthcare brand; it is a lifestyle through which we can bring goodness into our lives, enriching our minds, bodies, and souls. Our extensive experience in the field of integrative medicine has enabled us to create natural products that are inspired by Eastern roots. She aims to positively change people’s lives through the concept of self-care. Dr. Khanna therefore follows a few set principles that help her achieve this, building MERAKK into what she envisioned.

Following are the four core principles on which MERAKK functions: 


As discussed above, MERAKK is based on a holistic and integrative approach. It aims to improve the quality of our lives by promoting healthy minds and bodies. Dr. Khanna shares that taking care of our oral health opens the mind to further personal development. “This betterment of self is the ultimate form of self-care,” she adds, “and generates a life filled with vitality.”


Dr. Khanna strives to build a brand that people can trust and believe in by ensuring every facet of MERAKK practices integrity, from production to design. The entire leadership team is devoted to self-care, creating research-backed, beneficial, and fully transparent products. 


Your mouth is the gateway to a healthy, happy life. Oral health affects the health of the rest of the body, having a domino effect on mental and physical functioning.  MERAKK understands this and creates harmony between your internal and external worlds, balancing your mind, body, and soul to improve the quality of your life.


Dr. Khanna founded MERAKK with a single purpose: to promote and encourage people to practice self-care, taking care of their health and wellness. MERAKK is a professional oral health care line but it is designed to nourish one’s overall health through active integration.In addition, MERAKK is not just a brand, but rather a community of people who not only enhance their own lives but also contribute to the well-being of others. “A portion of MERAKK’s proceeds will be donated to UCSF Pediatric Pain, Palliative and Integrative Medicine Center, which is dedicated to relieving pain and improving the quality of our youngest hospitalized patients,” shares Dr. Khanna.

To learn more about MERAKK, visit the website.

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