Dr. Rupam Khanna, Founder of MERAKK, Shares Why Self-Care Is So Important

Dr. Rupam Khanna, Founder of MERAKK, Shares Why Self-Care Is So Important

The term ‘self-care’ is often used in everyday parlance, but the concept of taking care of oneself is neither new nor unique. Self-care can be defined as the conscious indulgence in practices that improve or preserve well-being. Dr. Rupam Khanna, a dentist, philanthropist, and founder of MERAKK, strongly believes in the significance of self-care. We live busy lives, which can sometimes be exhausting. This can make us forget to put ourselves first, affecting our mental and physical health. Thus, it is important to practice self-care.

Keeping the importance of self-care in mind, Dr. Khanna has recently launched MERAKK, an oral health self-care brand aiming to enhance an individual’s overall wellness. MERAKK’s philosophy is that oral health is a gateway to the whole body and affects mental functioning, self-esteem, and confidence. MERAKK is Dr. Khanna's vision of a community dedicated to promoting self-care, which is often overlooked as a necessity in modern life.

Here are a few of the reasons to commit to taking care of ourselves in whatever way we can: 

Improves physical health

Dr. Khanna believes that a major part of self-care is taking care of our bodies and getting attuned to their requirements and needs. She advises that we can improve our physical health in many ways, including taking better care of our teeth, exercising more, or sleeping enough.

Reduces anxiety and stress

Our minds constantly work, riddled with stressful and anxious thoughts and overwhelming situations. Dr. Khanna states that research shows that indulging in self-care practices helps us slow down and tune out the external world, helping to lift our mental health. 

Boosts confidence and self-esteem

Dr. Khanna views self-care as an excellent means to boost our self-esteem. Taking care of ourselves not only grounds and calms us but also positively impacts how we perceive ourselves.  

Helps set boundaries

When we regularly practice self-care, we experience an increase in our self-confidence and self-respect and a greater sense of well-being. This can lead to the development of healthy boundaries that help us prioritize our needs, regulate our behavior, and constructively respond to challenges. Dr. Khanna says this creates a positive domino effect impacting every aspect of our lives.

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