Meet Dr. Rupam Khanna, Founder of a Luxury Self-Care Brand , MERAKK

Meet Dr. Rupam Khanna, Founder of a Luxury Self-Care Brand , MERAKK

Self-care is essential to practicing good mental, physical, and emotional health.

It is crucial to practice self-care in today's fast-paced environment. Self-care can make you feel rejuvenated, cope better with stress, and improve your overall well-being.

While the concept of taking care of yourself may seem easy on the surface, it can be daunting in practice. That’s why MERAKK is committed to providing accessible oral care products that make self-care simple and effective. 

Dr. Khanna is a dentist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with over two decades of dental experience, also serving as a faculty member at UCSF Dental School. Her philanthropic endeavors include her non-profit organization, 180 Elevate, a platform to seek and impart inspiration. Dr. Khanna describes it as a community of conscious leaders to connect, grow, and give. In addition, the platform is designed to help uplift your life, from your mind and body to your soul. She recently launched Merakk, a minority-female-owned company offering holistic and integrated oral care health products.

Aside from her professional achievements, she is happily married with two wonderful kids, residing in San Francisco, California. Dr Khanna's Eastern roots have inspired her to pursue holistic approaches and integrative medicine, which eventually led to the creation of research-backed products at MERAKK. In a nutshell, her company is a self-care recipe infused with ancient rituals and modern science and resources. 

Merakk is targeted for oral health, but it is created to facilitate both mental and physical health, encouraging people to better care for themselves. “By using our oral-care products, you are prioritizing self-care practices that will benefit your overall being. Rooted in ritual, these products are meant to be used daily so that you shine brighter through day-to-day life, embark on the journey to be your best self, and be golden,” shares Dr. Khanna.

Merakk’s mission is to promote self-care while building a safe community for people to improve their wellness and encourage positivity. The organization was founded by Dr. Khanna, who believes that whatever she has done in life, or continues to do so, is to foster health, optimism, and happiness; as she says, “It’s all about finding joy in simplicity.”

By joining this community, you will prioritize self-care, engage in self-love, support an important cause, and add vitality to your life. A portion of MERAKK proceeds will be donated to UCSF Pediatric Pain, Palliative & Integrative Medicine Center, which is dedicated to relieving pain and improving the quality of life for young hospitalized patients.

Visit Merakk’s website to learn more about its principles and values. 

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